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Prismacolor - Premier Magic Rub® Eraser


Prismacolor - Premier Magic Rub® Eraser

    • The Prismacolor Magic Rub® Eraser easily absorbs graphite and erases India ink. This easy to hold eraser allows for maximum control, making it easy to erase small details of intricate drawings. Perfect for use on polyester-base drafting films, delicate drawings or tracing paper surfaces.

      Erases quickly and absorbs graphite, and erases India ink
    • Thin and easy to hold, allowing for maximum control
    • Edges are perfect for erasing intricate details
    • Prevent paper tears while ensuring precise performance with this Prismacolor Magic Rub white vinyl art eraser! This eraser thoroughly removes markings from even the toughest platforms, like graphite or India ink.
    • Its latex-free vinyl design is soft and pliable to prevent paper tears, making it ideal for delicate surfaces. Plus, the sharp corners make it the perfect choice for erasing small sections at a time.

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