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Prismacolor - Premier Coloured Pencil - White


Prismacolor - Premier Coloured Pencil - White

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  • This Prismacolor Pencil features thick, soft lead that's easy to blend so you can utilise a range of techniques in your artwork. The lead is light resistant and waterproof so you can enjoy your drawings and sketches for time to come. The lead is highly pigmented and designed to be bright and rich or subtle and soft depending on how you want to use the pencil.
  • This pencil has a 3.8 mm core.
  • The soft lead allows for smooth application, blending and shading.
  • The lacquered casing is designed to match the lead so you can easily find the right colour.
  • The core is resistant to breakage so you can use this pencil again and again.
  • The lead can either be strong and bold or soft and subtle depending on the type of application.
  • The lead is slow to wear, being waterproof and light resistant.
  • This product is FSC certified, so you can be sure your purchase supports healthy forests and protects wildlife.
  • This pencil is White.
  • This pencil is unsharpened so you can sharpen it to your liking.
  • You can use this pencil along with others in the wide range of colours available.

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