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NuPastels have a rich, creamy texture that blends and shades easily. Frequently used in advertising layouts, NuPastels are stronger than ordinary soft pastels, which means less breakage and easier cleanup.

  • Use them to create broad strokes and fine lines.
  • Each stick measures 3-5/8” long × 1/4” square (92 mm × 6 mm).
  • Available in a set of 12, 24, 36 Nu PastelsSet of 24 Nupastels

Set of 12 Nupastels

Colours Include: Canary Yellow, Orange, Crimson Red, Violet, Violet Blue, True Blue, Apple Green, Grass Green, Sienna Brown, Dark Brown, Black and White

Colours Include: Buff, Lemon Yellow, Deep Cadmium Yellow, Light Ocher, Pale Vermilion, Salmon Pink, Carmine Madder, Carnival Red, Madder Pink, Violet, Cocoa Brown, Sanguine, Van Dyke Brown, Sepia, Sap Green, Hooker's Green, Pistachio Green, Olive Green, Light Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Iron Blue, Warm Medium Grey, White and Black

Set of 36 Nupastels.

Colours include: Black - Bottle Green - Buff - Burnt Sienna - Cadmium Yellow Deep - Carmine - Carmine Madder - Carnival Red - Cocoa Brown - Crimson Red - Deep Blue - Hookers Green - Indian Red - Indigo Blue - Iron Blue - Lemon Yellow - Light Blue - Light Ochre - Light Sap Green - Madder Pink - Olive Green - Orange - Pistachio Green - Red Violet - Rose Pink - Salmon Pink - Sanquine - Sap Green - Scarlet - Sepia - Ultramarine Blue - Van Dyke Brown - Violet - Warm Medium Gray - White.