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Prismacolor Art Markers - 12 Chisel/Fine


Prismacolor Art Markers - 12 Chisel/Fine

  • These Prismacolor Artmarkers are double ended and capable of multiple line widths so you can implement and utilise a range of techniques in your art
  • They feature alcohol, dye-based ink that provides rich colour saturation and smooth ink flow
  • Each end draws from a single ink reservoir to produce a perfect match and will not fade or feather while in use
  • Each marker features 2 tips including a fine tip for details and a chisel nib for larger lines
  • The alcohol, dye-based ink is designed to produce rich colour and even coverage
  • The single ink source ensures a perfect match in colour
  • Safe, alcohol dye-based inks are non-toxic and provide a smooth, silky ink flow
  • Experiment with a variety of primary and secondary colours using this pack

Set size: 

  • 12 Artmarkers in this pack