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POSCA PC-8K Broad Line Marker


POSCA PC-8K Broad Line Marker

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POSCA's paint is opaque and its fade-resistant pigments produce dense and vibrant colours on a range of surfaces. It paints permanent on porous surfaces, removable on glass and does not bleed through paper, plus it's fast drying! POSCA paint is ideal to mark, mix or dilute colours, to paint neatly, to draw wtih accuracy and write with.

POSCA Marker PC-8K

Tip: Broad line chisel
Line width: 8.0mm

The Posca PC-8K broad chisel tip draws neat curves and covers large surfaces. Ideal for flat-tints, 'Street Art' writing or signs.

Posca's broad tip is ideal for artists to paint and draw on any indoor and outdoor surfaces. Interior designers use them to refresh a space, a piece of furniture, an object, or fabric. Surfers and skaters also use Posca to customise their surf boards. Also ideal for professionals who make signs or need to write on windows.

VIDEO: Lear about all the Posca Markers.