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POSCA PC-3MSC8C Soft Colours - 8 Pack


POSCA PC-3MSC8C Soft Colours - 8 Pack


The perfect water based fast drying, unique vibrant opaque paint coloured pens, for all creative painting and drawing.

  • They can be used on almost any surfaces including, rocks, ceramics, surfboards, skateboards, paper, metal, glass, wood and plastic.
  • Ideal for rock art painting, calligraphy and colouring in. 
  • Suitable for all artists and hobbyists.
  • Posca PC-3M fine bullet tip is designed for specialists.
  • Line width: 0.9 - 1.3mm
  • The PC-3M can be used to customise, create, decorate or mark anything that inspires in a steady line.
  • The fine bullet tip is ideal for creative crafts hobbyists, scrapbooking and making greeting cards and table decorations. It is also suitable for artists and professionals and for amateur artists to personalise clothes or objects. Children will also love it for colouring.

We have skateboard decks ready to paint.

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