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Peterkin - Zsa Zsa DL iflap Envelope - Lake


Peterkin - Zsa Zsa DL iflap Envelope - Lake

Zsa Zsa features a linen texture that runs all the way through (similar to raw silk).
A premium paper smooth one side and a heavily distinctive texture on the other.

• 139.5gsm & 198gsm
• Milled in Japan
• 130gsm Laser and inkjet compatible
• Testing recommended for all printers.

• Fits an A4 sheet folded in thirds to 99x210mm
• 110x220mm
• Lick and stick to seal (although feel free to use a damp sponge)
• Seal flap has the Peterkin signature iflap pointed seal (see image) .
• 10 per pack.
• Standard postag


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