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Pebeo - Gedeo Create Your Own Candles Kit


Pebeo - Gedeo Create Your Own Candles Kit

Pebeo - Gedeo Create Your Own Candles Kit
  • "Create your own candles” case : 500 g “frosted effect” candle wax, 5 candle dyes, 12 reinforced wicks, 1 candle scent, 1 round mould, 1 Gédéo candle creation guide.
  • Instructions: Gilding and patinas, Vert-de-gris Patina System - After shaking the bottle well, apply the Bronze Undercoat on the support of your choice: plaster, earth, wood, metal treated against rust and insulated with varnish, glass, cardboard...  After complete drying, apply a coat of oxidizer without excess. The Verre de Gris patina will gradually appear after 10 minutes and will continue for several hours. To fix the effect, spray with Gédéo Fixative after drying.
  • Applications: Melt the powdered wax in a jam jar in a bain Marie. In the melted wax, grate with a knife a little dye until you obtain the desired color. You can mix several shades. The color tends to lighten as it dries, so don't hesitate to force the colors slightly. The more the wax is saturated with dyes and therefore dense, the faster it will set.
  • Using cardboard, make a mold in the shape of your choice. Using a cutter, slit halfway down the center of the mold at both ends. Center the wick in the two slits, leaving 3 cm of overhang on either side. Keep the wick straight and taut with the help of tape or patafix. Reinforce your mold with packing tape.
  • Pour the melted wax into the mold.
  • Wait for the wax to set. Wait for it to dry completely. Open your mold to remove the candle. Cut the wick overhang on one side only. To remove any wax residue or refine the corners, trim the edges with scissors.

  • Tips: You can make very original candles by using glass containers. To unmold, break the glass in a thick tea towel by tapping on the bottom or side. Remove broken glass gently.
  • To make multi-layered candles, pour the first color and wait for the surface crust to set (it should no longer stick to your finger) before pouring the next color. Do not wait for the complete setting between each color, the wax retracting when drying, the stripes would not be clear.
  • Candle wax: A mixture of kerosene and stearin, this candle wax is ready to use. It is a very fine powder that melts quickly without lumps. 1 volume of powder = 1/2 volume of melted wax.
  • Candle wick : Cotton wick (5 meters) adapted for candles from 65 to 85 mm diameter.
  • Armed wicks: Waxed and armed cotton wick (8 cm), mounted on a base, suitable for candles from 65 to 85 mm in diameter. Regular flame, without odor or smoke.
  • Candle dyes : Concentrated dyes : a few chips are enough for a saturated coloring. Easily incorporated into the Gédéo melted wax. Shades can be mixed together.
  • Scents for candles: 3 scents: woody, floral, and vanilla. The chosen scent is incorporated into the melted wax before pouring it into the mold. Very concentrated, a few drops are enough.
  • "Create your candles" set: Wax, 5 dyes, 12 armed wicks, 1 round mold, a candle scent, 1 creation guide.

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  • Box: 26 x 20.5 x 6.7cm

Pebeo - Gedeo Create Your Own Candles Kit