PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella Collection 039

PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella Collection 039

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PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella Collection 039

Lynne Perrella  Egyptian Cartouche Collection LPC039

You are in for a treat - we have a surprise release of 3 gorgeous stamps from Lynne Perrella. She is in the UK this weekend teaching her magnificent tips and tricks to a lucky group of people up in Scotland. To coincide with this trip, we asked her earlier in the year if she would consider releasing some more stamps with us. And how exciting it is that she agreed to find time in her busy schedule to do so! We adore everything Lynne creates, and in this collection she has explored all things Egyptian. I'm going to hand over to Lynne to explain some details about her design process.
PaperArtsy Lynne Perrella Collection 039

“Egyptian Cartouche”, my new collection of designs for Paper Artsy
By Lynne Perrella  

I enjoy exploring themes that have timeless appeal, interpreted in a contemporary context.  Ancient Egypt has always inspired me since 1978, when we saw a noted exhibit about King Tut’s tomb at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I can still recall the moment when we had inched our way through the long lines, and finally stood before the magnificent golden mask that once covered the Boy King’s face.  This iconic relic inspired both awe and protective feelings; as well as total admiration for the crafts people who had created such a singular artifact.  Glistening priceless gold, combined with details of lapis and other rarities, the face covering was, quite literally, fit for a King. 

I recently read a novel, “The Visitors” by Sally Beauman, and this atmospheric mysterious book re-tells the story of noted archeologist Howard Carter, and his discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922. 
Reading the book re-awakened my interest in Ancient Egypt, and I started sketching, and doing more research.  I wanted this collection to be literally encased with intricate detail and feathery marks; a tribute to revered hieroglyphics as well as clothing, jewelry and palace details of the era.   
Another influential book, “Flight Into Egypt” by Timothy Ely reminded me that tales and stories can be told through images and marks, without need of words.  I created a collection of images, in various sizes, to encourage the stamper to make up stories and go overboard with the themes of Mystery and Excavation.  
I love exploring faces in my artwork, and wove those into portraits that include ancient/elegant urns, and inscribed details from historic walls.   I enjoyed coming up with a swatch of fanciful “faux” exotic lettering that could be used as texture.

The manufacturing process of rubber stamps is a perfect platform for my designs, since the moulding plates are able to capture the most intricate details and the customer can enjoy images that are lavishly-detailed and full of design possibilities.   
I loved spending time with this theme, and look forward to seeing what crafts people do with them! Here are my 3 new stamp sets.


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