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PanPastel - Dawn Emerson Collection Set (40 Colors)


PanPastel - Dawn Emerson Collection Set (40 Colors)

We are delighted to announce a new set in collaboration with Dawn Emerson – the “Dawn Emerson Collection” Set. Dawn uses PanPastel as a tool that fills a space for pastel and mixed media artists who wish to layer more creatively, physically, and spontaneously. Dawn finds that PanPastel offers transparency that is not possible to achieve with a pastel stick, for her drawings, paintings, mixed media, image layering & print making. 

  • Dawn is the author of the ground-breaking book “Pastel Innovations”. Her work conveys a life energy and movement that is a blend of graphic abstraction and experienced observation from nature. She is a successful gallery artist and in-demand workshop instructor. Her work has won numerous national and international awards, and she has been featured in art magazines such as The Pastel Journal, The Artists’ Magazine, and International Artist.
  • Ultra Soft Artist's Painting Pastels.
  • Includes Mixing Charts, Techniques/Tips & Online Video Demo.
  • The Pan Pastel Dawn Emerson Collection contains 40 colours, 2 pastel trays, 4 Sofft Sponge Bars and 4 Sofft Angle Slice Sponges.
  • The colours included in the set are:

- Raw Umber Extra Dark
- Raw Umber
- Chromium Oxide Green
- Bright Yellow Green Shade
- Burnt Sienna Extra Dark
- Red Iron Oxide Sahde
- Burnt Sienna
- Turquoise
- Yellow Ochre Shade
- Yellow Ochre
- Diarylide Yellow
- Hansa Yellow
- Orange Extra Dark
- Orange Shade
- Orange
- Orange Tint
- Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark
- Permanent Red Shade
- Permanent Red
- Permanent Red Tint
- Magenta Extra Dark
- Magenta Shade
- Magenta
- Colourless Blender
- Violet Extra Dark
- Violet Shade
- Violet
- Pearl Medium White Fine
- Phthalo Blue Extra Dark
- Phthalo Blue
- Paynes Grey
- Neutral Grey
- Ultramarine Blue Extra Dark
- Ultramarine Blue
- Black
- Titanium White
- Phthalo Green Extra Dark
- Phthalo Green
- Phthalo Green Tint
- Raw Umber Tint


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