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My First Three Years (boy). Album and Colouring Book


My First Three Years (boy). Album and Colouring Book

  • Personalise your Baby Album with Colours.
  • The arrival of a baby, the moment that he begins his life and the first steps that he makes in the world are unforgettable moments and indelible memories for his family.
  • To keep these memories safely, here is a highly original and enjoyable album - especially for little boys – where Mom and Dad can make a note of memories and information, and collect photographs and clippings in the appropriate spaces. With an extra feature: the splendid drawings and frames which decorate every page – arabesques, flowers, animals – to colour and enrich according to your particular flair, to make this precious album of memories still more unique and personal.

        ISBN: 9788854410145
        Author: WHITE STAR
        Format: Hardcover
        Publication date: 01/03/2016
        Pages: 96
        Dimension: 285mm X 265mm

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