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Lumi Inkodye Snap Pack Fabric Dies


Lumi Inkodye Snap Pack Fabric Dies

Lumi Inkodye 237ml Bottles

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Lumi® is a new concepts in textile printing. 

  • Inkodye is an amazing new way to print t-shirts and textiles
  • The new range of Inkodye® develops its colour in sunlight
  • It works on cotton, linen, silk, rayon, canvas, and any other natural & absorbent material
  • Its colour develops and binds permanently when exposed to bright sunlight or UV
  • Inkodye is water-based and available in nine mixable colours
  • Inkodye can be brushed, rolled, dipped, stamped, stenciled, screen printed, and more!
  • Inkodye binds permanently to any natural fabric such as cotton, rayon, linen, canvas, silk, and more.
  • Results are soft to the touch and can be machine-washed without fading.
  • Each Snap Pack contains enough dye to cover one 12x12 inch (30x30cm) area
  • This revolutionary form of packaging makes it easy to squeeze and apply enough dye for one project
  • Snap Packs are peggable
  • It is available in 9 colours
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Lumi Inkodye 237ml Bottles

    Lumi Inkodye 237ml Bottles