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Lumi Inkodye - Inkowash Sachet


Lumi Inkodye - Inkowash Sachet

Lumi Inkodye - Inkowash Sachet

Inkowash is a professional-grade extra-concentrated laundry detergent, for washing out unexposed Inkodye. It is also effective as a pre-wash for any dyeing project.

Each Snap Pack contains enough Inkowash for one medium load of laundry. Snap Packs are easy to open and cut down on mess. Snap Packs are peggable.

Lumi® is a new concepts in textile printing. 

  • Inkodye is an amazing new way to print t-shirts and textiles.
  • The new range of Inkodye® develops its colour in sunlight. It works on cotton, linen, silk, rayon, canvas, and any other natural & absorbent material.
  • Its colour develops and binds permanently when exposed to bright sunlight or UV.
  • Inkodye is water-based
  • Inkodye can be brushed, rolled, dipped, stamped, stenciled, screen printed, and more!
  • Inkodye binds permanently to any natural fabric such as cotton, rayon, linen, canvas, silk, and more.
  • Results are soft to the touch and can be machine-washed without fading.
  • It is available in 9 mixable colours in 
    • 8oz bottles 
    • smaller snap packs

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So how the hell does Lumi work? It all starts with a special liquid called Inkodye. Inkodye is a photosensitive dye which is activated by light or UV. You can then use negatives or objects to block light from activating inkodye, leaving you with cool designs. The entire process is really easy and fun:

  1. Apply Inkodye – Coat your shirt or fabric with sunlight-activated Inkodye in a dim environment.
  2. Pin Negative – The negative selectively blocks light from activating the dye. Make your own printing pattern either by using your 120 or large format b&w negatives, or by printing your photo onto your Inkofilm from your digital scans (by inverting the image, making it b&w and with a high contrast) or just draw directly on the Inkofilm with a black matte marker to express your artistic self!
  3. Expose – Inkodye develops its color in sunlight or bright UV, about 10 to 20 minutes on a bright day.
  4. Peel – Remove the negative in a dim environment to reveal your print.
  5. Wash – Remove the unexposed dye using Inkowash to make your print permanent.
  6. Wear – You’re done! The print is now permanent and can be washed without special care.

Lumi Inkodye - Inkowash Sachet
Lumi Inkodye - Inkowash SachetLumi Inkodye - Inkowash Sachet

Print, wash and wear - its that simple!