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Lisa Pavelka - Magic-Glos™ Acrylic Form - Square Shape


Lisa Pavelka - Magic-Glos™ Acrylic Form - Square Shape

  • These acrylic forms were designed to be used specifically with Magic-Glos™ UV Resin and are perfect for creating beautiful, clear pendants and jewelry pieces.  
  • The acrylic forms are easy to use, just peel off the protective plastic on the front and back of the form, add a bit of Magic-Glos™ UV Resin, add some of Lisa’s micro elements like dried flowers, micro coins, charms, tiny tats, etc, cure, apply a little more Magic-Glos™ UV Resin, more elements, cure to create your own signature see-through pendant. You can continue to build layers of Magic-Glos™ UV Resin and elements on your pendant, just be sure to cure between each layer.
  • The package includes 4 pieces, 2 large (approximately 1-5/8 by 1-1/4 inches) and 2 small (approximately 1-3/8 inches by 15/16 inches).
  • The acrylic forms are available in other shapes and sizes.

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