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Lindy's Gang Totally 80's Embossing Powder Range


Lindy's Gang Totally 80's Embossing Powder Range

  • Create stunning designs with this five-piece Lindy’s Gang TOTALLY 80'S embossing powder range.
  • Each powder is two-toned, with a rich base colour and an eye-catching shimmering tone on top.
  • The embossing powder is non-toxic and acid-free, and is designed for use in a wide variety of crafts and mixed media projects. 
  • Look for matching magicals and sprays by the same name! 
  • Each colour sold separately and appears under variant

This embossing powder range includes:

Hibiscus Rose Orange EP ~ a beautiful rose pink embossing powder base, with an orange sheen
Queen Sheba's Silver EP ~ is deep rich dark metallic silver embossing powder has a luminous light silver sheen
Cleopatra's Copper EP ~ a deep luminous metallic copper base embossing powder colour, with a copper sheen on top
Cosmic Pink Blue EP ~ the perfect pink base embossing powder color, with a hint of blue shimmer
Midnight Pewter EP ~a rich, true black embossing powder base with an amazing pewter shimmer

Lindy's Gang Totally 80's Embossing Powder Range