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Lindy's Gang Magical Shaker


 Lindy's Gang Magical Shaker

Each colour is sold separately
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All the high quality, pigment powders you expect from our versatile Magicals in newly formulated colours just for shaking! These crystallised dye shakers have more of a low key shimmer to appeal to everyone from paper crafters to artists alike. Easy shakers for sprinkled techniques to open lid colorizing options for all your artist mediums! These are the new "must haves" and in sought after primary colors to boot!

 Colours Include

  • Afternoon Delight Denim is a deep and rich denim blue with beautiful teal shimmer.
  • Alpine Ice Rose is a beautiful rich pink with soft gold shimmer.
  • Autumn Maple Crimson is a rich burgundy colour with a soft red shimmer
  • Bavarian Blue is a deep, rich blue with a subtle blue shimmer.
  • Black Forest Black is a true black with a slight pewter shimmer. If sprinkled and sprayed lightly, it gives a rainbow effect
  • Bratwurst Brown is a beautiful, rich brown with a hint of bronze shimmer. When shaken lightly and spritzed, it has almost a rainbow effect of colour,
  • Cathedral Pines Green is a beautiful forest green with a soft green shimmer.
  • California Poppy Gold is a sunny yellow colour with gold shimmer
  • Cowabunga Copper is a beautiful rich copper brown with copper shimmer.
  • Cuckoo Clock Cardinal is a true red with a slight red shimmer.
  • Grab a Guy Gold is a deep rich gold with a rich gold shimmer.
  • Guten Tag Teal is a stunning turquoise-y teal with a slight teal shimmer.
  • Lederhosen Laurel is almost a kelly green with a slight blue-y green shimmer.
  • Magnolia Magenta Gold is a really special colour. This is one of those unique colours that are two-in-one depending on how much you use. It's a beautiful soft raspberry if you use a little, and a gorgeous deep magenta if you use a lot.
  • Oktoberfest Orange is a stunning orange-y orange with a slight orange shimmer.
  • Oom Pah Pah Pink is a lovely rose gold.
  • Polka Purple
  • Yodeling Yellow is a bright primary yellow with a rich golden shimmer.
  • Frozen Jack Frost -  is a perfect pure white colour with just a hint of pearl shimmer.
  • Time Travel Teal - is a beautiful rich turquoise color with gold shimmer.

Many of these colours go hand in hand with other Lindy's Gang Collections.

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