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Lindy's Gang - Flat Magicals


Lindy's Gang - Flat Magicals

Each set is sold separately
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Lindy's Gang - Flat Magicals

All the high quality, pigment powders you expect from our versatile Magicals in newly formulated colours just for shaking! These crystalized dye shakers are a replica of our most popular spray colors, (that aren't already in a Magical set). Easy shakers for sprinkled techniques to open lid colorizing options for all your artist mediums! These are the new "must haves" and in sought after spray colors!

Designed for use on everything from paper to wood, the dye-based powders are non-toxic and acid-free. Sprinkle them directly onto a porous surface and spray it with water for a vibrant stain, or mix them into different mediums to create potent pastes.

  • Each Set contains - 0.25 oz jar x 5
  • Each set sold separately and appears under variant
  • Non-toxic, acid-free powdered dyes 
  • Contains pearlized mica powders, powdered dye based pigments & a fixative
  • Made in the USA
Lindy's Gang - Flat Magicals


    Caribbean Cruise Flat Magicals Set was created by Sharon Martinelli, matches all Caribbean Cruise collections and includes:
    • Caribbean Blue - a super bright blue.
    • Hibiscus Rose - a hot raspberry pink.
    • Luscious Lime - a super bright lime green.
    • Mango Mania - a super bright rich orange.
    • Pineapple Paradise - a super bright rich yellow.

      Tres Chic Flat Magical Set created by Limor Webber includes:

      • Bonjour Butter - a creamy pastel yellow colour.
      • Cafe au Lait - a creamy tan color.
      • C'est la vie Cerise - a creamy teal color.
      • Chateau Rose - a light creamy pink color.
      • Merci Beaucoup Mint - a light and creamy mint colour.

      Under the Boardwalk Flat Magical Set by Limor Webber's includes:

      • Merry-Go-Round Green - a creamy lime green color.
      • Orange Creamsicle - a light creamy orange color.
      • Pop Rock Purple - a creamy pastel purple color.
      • Raspberry Lemonade - a creamy purply pink colour.
      • Tilt-A-Wheel Teal - a light and creamy teal colour.

      Hawaiian Island Flat Magical Set was designed by our former designer Bona Rivera-Tran includes:

      • Aloha Avocado - a beautiful summery green.
      • Magical Mai Tai - a beautiful soft orange.
      • Plumeria Pink - a beautiful soft pink.
      • Ocean Breeze Blue - a beautiful bluish turquoise.
      • South Shore Sand - a beautiful sandy taupe.

      Beauty School Drop Out Flat Magical Set includes:

      • Frenchy's Pink Pouf - a beautiful pinkish purple, (almost orchid colour)
      • T-bird Turquoise - a soft greenish turquoise.
      • Summer Lovin' Sun - a beautiful rich sunny yellow
      • Pink Ladies Pink - is the perfect true pink colour.
      • Kissin' Kenickie's Coral - a beautiful rich coral colour.

      Go Greased Lightnin' Flat Magical Set includes:

      • Danny Zuko's Denim - a teal-ish denim colour.
      • Greased Lightnin' Green - a gorgeous olive green.
      • Rizzo's Rowdy Red - that perfect crimson red.
      • Sandra Dee Sepia - the perfect, rich, dark brown.
      • Tears on My Pillow Tangerine - a super bright orange colour.

      Neon Graffiti Flat Magical Set by Limor Webber's includes:

      • Urban Amethyst - a bright neon purple colour.
      • Sidewalk Chalk - a pure white colour.
      • Poppin' Pink - a bright neon pink colour.
      • Luminous Lemon - a bright neon yellow colour.
      • Blazing Black - a pure black colour.
      Do not ingest, inhale or get on skin. Keep away from children. Not for cosmetic use.
      Lindy's Gang - Flat Magicals
      Lindy's Gang - Flat Magicals