Lindys Gang - Starburst Squirt - Loonie Toonie Teal

Lindy's Gang - Starburst Squirt - Loonie Toonie Teal

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Lindy's Gang- Loonie Toonie Teal - Starburst Squirt

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  • Our most exciting product with the funny name! 
  • Lindy's Squirts are a specialized dye system that is a thicker ink product you use as you would a fluid medium. 
  • Great for pouring, painting, mixed media, alcohol blending, collage, etc. 
  •  Dyes lend themselves to permanence on porous surfaces like fabric, paper, polymer, clay, leather, wood, etc. 
  • Squirts are easy to mix & tint acrylic paints, art mediums, gels, gessoes, etc., without diluting them or changing their consistency.
  • The names of the original 10 colours are inspired by our fabulous neighbors to the north, which we hope gives you a little chuckle. 
  • Loonie Toonie Teal is a scrumptious deep teal with an amazing purple shimmer!
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