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Kuretake - ZIG Clean Color Dot Markers - 12 Colors Set


Kuretake - ZIG Clean Color Dot Markers - 12 Colors Set

Create fun doodles and colorful notes with these double-sided markers. One end features a 0.5 mm hard plastic nib - great for detailed drawings and writing in a planner or bullet journal - and the other end features a squishy round dot tip.

  • Depending on how much pressure you use, the dot tip can make marks from 1 to 5 mm wide.
  • By varying the pressure as you draw, you can make expressive, brush-like strokes.
  • You can also use the dot tip to highlight important dates in your planner or calendar.
  • This set includes all 12 colors: Bluebonnet (036), Candy Pink (206), Denim (034), Fawn (064), Hyacinth (081), Island Coral (207), Kiwi (402), Ocean (042), Platinum (091), Salmon (021), Splash (301), and Summer Sun (503).

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  • 0.5 mm hard plastic nib.
  • Squishy dot tip.
  • Water-based, lightfast pigment ink.

[DUAL TIP] Dual tip marker with a 0.5mm fine tip on one end, and a flexible, rounded dot tip on the other. Dots of various sizes can be drawn by adjusting the pressure applied to the pen during use.

[TOOLS FOR UNIQUE CRAFTS] It is easy to make various styles of patterns with no mess. Flexible dot tip is ideal and fun for both children and adults. Great for card making, illustrations, drawings, stippling designs, bullet journals, coloring books, lettering, monolines, and much more.

[NEW ART] If you use the Clean Color Dot on top of artwork drawn with other markers, the dots can accentuate the work. If you want to use the dots by themselves, the design gives artwork a different, and very unique impression versus standard coloring.

[POINTILLISM] The Clean Color Dot series contains colors in both soft and bright hues so that you can enjoy creating pointillism artwork by layering the colors. ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT is a water-based pigment ink, and therefore does not bleed even when combined with other colors.

[STORAGE METHOD] Any pigment markers must be stored in a horizontal position. If they are not positioned correctly, this will likely result in one of the tip ends becoming dried out and unusable. [Certification] Xylene-free, conforms to ASTM D 4237, ACMI-certified for safety, registered AP mark for sale in the United States.