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Kuretake - USUZUMI Bamboo Brush Pen Pigment - Gray


Kuretake - USUZUMI Bamboo Brush Pen Pigment - Gray 

  • A water-based pigment ink brush type that allows you to express the unique tome, splash, and halay of a brush as you wish.
  • With moderate bleeding on Japanese paper, it is ideal for writing. 
  • Basic brush (middle character, light ink). 
  • Writable distance: 200-400m: indicates the distance when one cartridge ink is used.
  • Cartridge type. 
  • Product material: resin, water-based pigment ink. 


  • Product size mm: 13 diameter x 180
  • Product actual weight g: 20
  • Exterior size: 1.54×0.55×9.61 in
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