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Jovi Plastilina 15gm 8pk


Jovi Plastilina 15gm 8pk

Jovi Plastilina 15gm 8pk
  • Modelling clay blister 8 bars, 15g, assorted colours.
  • Highly malleable: it is easy to remove from a mould without disintegrating or losing its shape. It can be easily smoothed out with the fingers and it does not leave marks.
  • It can be worked at low temperatures.
  • Very pliable and has a great consistency; the clay does not lose its shape.
  • Easy to model and use.
  • Colours can be mixed together.
  • A wide range of colours.
  • Does not dry out.
  • It can be varnished to prevent the accumulation of dust.
  • Made using plant products. Does not contain any of the main allergens.
  • Ideal for working on figures in bulk.