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Jacquard Exciter Pack Lumiere Halo & Jewel


Jacquard Exciter Pack Lumiere Halo & Jewel  

Jacquard Exciter Pack Lumiere Halo & Jewel

      • Lumiere metallic and pearlescent paint has excellent coverage and is perfect for many fabrics and surfaces including silk, wool, cotton, leather, synthetic fabrics, wood and paper.
      • The colours can be heat fixed with an iron or hair dryer.
      • Both paints remain soft and flexible when dry.
      • Lumiere is a stunning metallic paint that can be applied with brush; airbrush; stamp; and sponge on a variety of surfaces
      • Lustrous Lumiere metallic paint covers well and adds dazzle to fabric, leather, paper and wood. Opaque, highly pigmented. 
      • Tips and techniques included.

       Includes 9 – 1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles with the following colors:

      • 555 Halo Pink Gold 
      • 556 Halo Blue Gold 
      • 557 Halo Violet Gold 
      • 566 Russet 
      • 554 Sunset Gold 
      • 551 Pewter 
      • 571 Pearlescent Turquoise 
      • 572 Pearlescent Green 
      • 573 Pearlescent Magenta 
      • Includes Project Insert

      Lumiere Instructions

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