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Jacquard Exciter Pack Dye-Na-Flow


Jacquard Exciter Pack Dye-Na-Flow

 Jacquard Exciter Pack Dye-Na-Flow

  • Highly-concentrated, free-flowing, Dye-Na-Flow suitable for both natural and synthetic fabrics. Designed for use on natural and synthetic fibers. 
  • Packs of eight or nine 1/2 fl oz bottles that allow sampling of products and add to the excitement of trying more!
  • Highly-concentrated, free-flowing, Dye-Na-Flow fabric paint simulates dye. Designed for use on natural and synthetic fibers
  • Heat set with a dry iron or use Jacquard Airfix (an alternative means of fixing, more commonly used in production runs).
  • Tips and techniques included.

Painting, spray on tie dye, watercolor, airbrushing, salt technique, spritzing through stencils, sponge printing, sun printing, batik, resist techniques including serti, woodstaining, marbling, urban art and more.

natural and synthetic fabrics, wood, paper, clay, canvas, suede, leather and more.

  801 Sun Yellow   802 Golden Yellow   803 Bright Orange
  805 Scarlet   809 Magenta   811 Violet
  812 Periwinkle   813 Turquoise   818 Chartreuse


Dye-Na-Flow Instructions

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