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Jacquard - Dye Na Flow


Jacquard - Dye Na Flow

Jacquard - Dye Na Flow

Each colour is sold separately.
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This high chroma, highly transparent liquid fabric paint is permanent on any porous or semi-porous surface, including natural and synthetic fabrics, leather and wood. In many ways, it simulates a true dye: Dye-Na-Flow spreads on fabric until it is thoroughly absorbed and even, sinking into the fibers like a dye instead of sitting on the surface like thicker paints and inks. The colors are super vibrant & washfast and will not change the feel of the fabric, making it a powerful tool whenever true dyes are impractical. A uniquely versatile fluid acrylic, Dye-Na-Flow is used for a diverse range of applications, from silk painting to wood staining.

painting, spray on tie dye, watercolor, airbrushing, salt technique, spritzing through stencils, spraying, sponge printing, sun printing, batik, resist techniques including serti, wood staining, marbling, urban art and more

natural and synthetic fabrics, wood, paper, clay, canvas, suede, leather and more

    Available in 30 colours in  2.25 fl oz/66.54 ml jars

    For now we have two colours - the other 28 arriving next month.

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     Jacquard - Dye Na Flow