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Imaginecrafts - GooseBumps Texture Spray


Imaginecrafts - GooseBumps Texture Spray 

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Imaginecrafts GooseBumps Texture Spray

  • GooseBumps is a water-based texturing spray that can be used on almost any surface. Use to create texture, depth and interest in your projects with this spray that is water-resistant when dry.
  • GooseBumps can be used on most surfaces including cardstock, wood, unglazed tile and metal and is available in three finishes: Original, Matte and Shimmer.
  • Each finish is available in a 2-oz spray bottle and a 2-oz dauber-top bottle for direct application to stamps or project surfaces.
  • For simple texture techniques, simply mist or spray GooseBumps from the bottle. Dramatic drops or splotches of texture can be added by unsrewing the spray nozzle and dripping or 'flicking' GooseBumps onto the surface.
  • GooseBumps is all about the texture! Use this spray to create the look of rain drops, dew drops or puddles on a variety of surfaces.
  • GooseBumps can be used in resist techniques and stenciling for creating unique background textures and layered patterns.
  • Apply GooseBumps onto the surface and allow to dry complete, then add color across the surface with Memento inks. After adding color, use a damp paper towel to lightly wipe across the GooseBumps to reveal the resist pattern. 
  • Archival and acid free; conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Spray Techniques: 

  • For light texture, spray from 10-12 inches away.
  • For a heavier texture, spray from 4-6 inches away. 
  • For a thick texture, spray directly above the surface or apply GooseBumps with a dauber top.
  • For a unique look, spray paper with GooseBumps, then use a stamp to “lift” the GooseBumps off of the paper.


  • Drying time varies based on coverage and surface
  • When using GooseBumps Spray, flush the spray head with water after use
  • Clean stamps and stencils after use, as GooseBumps can be permanent when dry
Imaginecrafts GooseBumps Texture SprayImaginecrafts GooseBumps Texture Spray