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ImagineCraft - GlazOn Collage Medium


ImagineCraft - GlazOn Collage Medium

Dual-purpose GlazOn can be used to layer StazOn inks and as a collage medium.

  • Apply a thin coat between colours of StazOn (or other solvent inks) to keep colours from mixing and muddying
  • Use as a collage medium with glitters, fibers, micro beads and more
  • Select from three finishes: Original, Matte and Vintage
  • Available in three finishes
    • Original, which dries clear and shiny
    • Matte, which dries with a clear matte finish
    • Vintage, which dries with a sepia-toned finish

      Product Overview:ImagineCraft - GlazOn Collage Medium

      GlazOn is a dual purpose medium. Designed for use as a layer protectant between two or more colours of StazOn inks, GlazOn acts as a clear barrier to keep colours separated and prevents them from bleeding together or becoming "muddy".

      ImagineCraft - GlazOn Collage Medium

      A thin coat of GlazOn applied after each colour of StazOn Midi  (or other solvent ink) provides a barrier that preserves the fine details of each colour. GlazOn can be used on almost any StazOn compatible surface.

      ImagineCraft - GlazOn Collage Medium

      GlazOn can also be used as a collage medium for adhering glitters, fibers, micro beads and more, and as a finishing layer to seal artwork.

      Acid free. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.


      • For best results, apply GlazOn using an InkBlusher or Brushstix.
      • When using as a layer protectant: First apply a StazOn color and allow to dry, then apply a thin layer of GlazOn over the StazOn and allow to dry, followed by more StazOn colors and GlazOn to separate them. Apply GlazOn between each successive coat of StazOn to ensure colors do not become muddy.
      • For collage: Apply GlazOn to the project, then add the inclusion: glitters, fibers, micro beads, etc. GlazOn may also be used as a sealant on the finished collage.
      • GlazOn only needs to be applied in thin layers. Add a small amount of GlazOn to the applicator, then spread the GlazOn evenly across your project before allowing to dry.
      • GlazOn air dries quickly, but a heat gun can be used to speed up drying time. If heat-setting your projects, remember that you are also heating your project’s surface -- metal and glass become hot when heated, acrylic can warp, etc.
      • Always put the cap on your bottle of GlazOn when not in use.