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Pro Seal - Permanent Thread Locker Red 6ml


Pro Seal - Permanent Thread Locker Red 6ml

  • Pro Seal Permanent strength red anaerobic thread locker. Resistant to gasoline, diesel, antifreeze, transmission fluid and oil.
  • Prevents galling and corrosion of threads. Permanently locks and seals metal nuts, bolts and studs. To remove: Apply heat in excess of 150°C (300°F) to parts to weaken bond.
  • Resists temperatures from -54°C to 150°C   (-65°F to 300°F). For locking and sealing frame bolts, freeze plugs, wheel studs, cylinder block and rocker arm studs and more.
  • Retains bearings. Works best on: - Metal - Rubber - Most Plastics - Aluminum - Ceramic - China - Wood - Pottery - Jewelry - Fingernails.
  • OEM Approved Locks Bolts Studs Bushings and Fasteners Prevents Loosening.
  • Use to Retain Bearings Freeze.
  • Plugs Rocker Arm & Main Bearing Studs.
  • Made In USA.

Removable Thread Lock also available