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Hero Arts - Reactive Inks


Hero Arts - Reactive Inks

Each colour is sold  separately. 
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Hero Arts Reactive Inks

  • Hero Arts Reactive ink pads are ideal for using with stamps and for creating colourful backgrounds.
  • The unique Hybrid ink — with dye and pigment properties — reacts to water when sprayed, dripped or misted.
  • The raised pad, measuring 3.5” x 2.25″, easily inks stamps of any size.
  • Non-toxic, long lasting, quick drying and acid free.
  • Take a look at our Hero Arts entire collection!

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 Hero Arts Reactive InksHero Arts Reactive Inks


Colours available:

  • AF420 Taffy Reactive Ink
  • AF421 Fruit Punch Reactive Ink
  • AF422 Creamsicle Reactive Ink
  • AF423 Lemon Drop Reactive Ink
  • AF424 Key Lime Fizz Reactive Ink
  • AF425 Green Apple Reactive Ink
  • AF426 Pool Party Reactive Ink
  • AF427 Blue Raspberry Reactive Ink
  • AF428 Splash Reactive Ink
  • AF429 Blue Hawaii Reactive Ink
  • AF430 Berry Smoothie Reactive Ink
  • AF431 Thistle Reactive Ink
  • AF432 Grape Slush Reactive Ink
  • AF433 Fog Reactive Ink
  • AF434 Sea Salt Reactive Ink