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Hero Arts - Color Layering Tulip Bouquet Stencil


Hero Arts - Color Layering Tulip Bouquet Stencil


Create bunches of this classic harbinger of spring quickly and easily.

Each stencil is meant to be inked in a different hue, allowing you to create endless color combinations of tulips.

This stencil set can be used on its own for a softer, more abstract look or in combination with CM593 Tulip Bouquet Stamp Set and DF015 Tulip Bouquet Frame Cuts for a more finely detailed image.

The outer edge of these stencils measures 5.25″‌ x 6.5″.

Create rich overlapping layers in endless color combinations with our Color Layering stencil sets. Combine with coordinating stamps or dies to add more definition. Each stencil has alignment markers for ease of use. Hero Arts stencils are made of thick frosted mylar with premium laser-cut images. Use a paintbrush, ink pad, dauber, or spray to leave a stylish impression.


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