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Helmar - Wash and Wear Fabric Glue


Helmar - Wash and Wear Fabric Glue

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  • Helmar Wash 'n Wear glue is a water based glue for permanently adhering, appliques, ribbon, lace, fabric cutouts, etc to various types of garments.
  • It dries clear and flexible, although it may be seen on thin or light coloured materials. 
  • Excess should be cleaned while wet with soap and water. 
  • For best results leave for 48 hours before washing.
  • Garment and fabric should be pre-washed to remove sizing.
  • Denim should be pre-washed at least 4 times using a colour safe bleach.
  • Garment should be washed in cold water, gentle cycle or hand  wash. Do not soak. Dry on permanent press setting, fabric softener can be used in washer or dryer.

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