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Heartfelt Creations Flipout Album Inserts - Pocket and Flipfold Inserts F-Kraft


Heartfelt Creations Flipout Album -Pocket and Flipfold Inserts F FKraftHeartfelt Creations Flipout Album Inserts - Kraft

  • Adding fun and interactive elements to a project has never been easier!  The time and stress of measuring, remeasuring, cutting and scoring a single pocket insert to incorporate into your album has been removed when using these interactive elements in your 3D Flipfold Album. 
  • Included in each packet of inserts are an assortment of various-sized square, rectangle, and decorative edged pockets.  Have fun choosing any combination and number of pockets you want to incorporate into your album!  Simply fold along the score lines of your chosen element, then enjoy the process of decorating the pieces and adding them into your album. The possibilities are endless!
  • No time to create an album? No worries as these pockets work great as interactive card elements, allowing you to create that extra special card in a hurry!  Any which way you decide to use these versatile engineered pieces, we promise that all the fear, frustration and guesswork has been removed allowing you to enjoy creating that special keepsake album or interactive 

Color: Kraft
Pocket/Flipfold Insert F: 5.0" x 6.5"

Heartfelt Creations Flipout Album Inserts - Kraft