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Global Colours - 75ml Student Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paint


Global Colours - 75ml Student Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paint

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Global Colours - 75ml Student Fine Art Acrylic Impasto Paint
  • With Global Colours Student Paints you are only limited by your imagination. Explore any art, craft or design activity. Incredibly versatile and economic, Global Colours Student Acrylics are economically priced without sacrificing quality or integrity. 
  • This paint is part of an exceptional range of 28 brilliantly pigmented Student Acrylic paints (23 pure impasto colours and 5 metallics) that can be applied undiluted by either brush or palette knife, or thinned with water for washes to create an effective watercolour look.  It is water resistant, fast drying, semi-permanent, and completely flexible in light and heavy impasto applications.
  • Use with stencils, textiles, potato, bark, modelling, transfers, cork imprints, woodcuts and for marbling and simulated oil painting.
  • The Student Acrylic Paints by Global Colours use only the highest quality pigments and ingredients.  They have been formulated with an environmental conscience, with recyclable packaging, and are non-toxic.
  • Each acrylic paint is fully compatible and blends beautifully with the rest of the range of 27 Student paints and the Professional Artist Acrylic paints by Global Colours as well as mediums, working together to create a highly versatile painting system for all artists. 
  • This product is lead, chromium, and cadmium free and complies with Australian Standards ATSM D4236. All SDS are available on Global Colours website.
  • Available in 75ml tube, 250ml bottle, 1L bottle, and 2L bottle.  Global Colours is Australian owned and is manufactured in the heart of Sydney.


    • Orange: This bright, vibrant orange body paint is ideal for tigers, monsters, foxes, cats, Lion King, Nemo and for sunset/skyscape designs.

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