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GELLI ARTS - Mini Kit - Round Plate


GELLI ARTS - Mini Kit - Round Plate

GELLI ARTS® - Mini Kit - Round Plate

Perfect for printing and stamping!  Fun for all ages!

  • Gelli Arts plates are ideal for mono-printing onto either paper or fabric. This modern nonperishable version of the traditional gelatine printing plate, with the same sensitive surface, is now manufactured from non-toxic materials.
  • Gelli Arts plates can be stored in their original packaging at room temperature and ready for use whereas traditional, handmade gelatine plates needed to be refrigerated when not in use plus the surface degrades over time despite careful cleaning.
  • Gelli Arts printing plates can be used with any pigmented, acrylic-based printing medium and it is recommended that dye-based products should not be used as these may permanently stain the surface. Acrylic-based, pigmented printing mediums should be cleaned from the surface with soap and water prior to storage. 
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The NEW Gelli Arts® Hexagon Mini Kit includes:

  • 3" Round mini plate
  • Round case to be used as a stamping base and storage
  • 3-sided texture tool for mark making
  • A durable punchinella stencil
Always ready to print – When you’re in the mood to print, the Gelli Arts® printing plate is ready for you to use!
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to care for
  • Store at room temperature
  • Use over and over again

    See our BLOG to create this Haunted House using the Gelli Arts® Hexagon Mini Kit. This is interchangeable with the Round Mini Plate...remember all tutorials are guidelines...the rest is your imagination and creativity!

    GELLI ARTS® - Mini Kit - Round PlateGELLI ARTS® - Mini Kit - Round Plate

    GELLI ARTS® - Mini Kit - Hexagon Plate

     GELLI ARTS® - Mini Kit - Round Plate

    GELLI ARTS® - Mini Kit - Round Plate