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FMM Sugarcraft - Fairy Tale Motifs Cutter Set


FMM Sugarcraft - Fairy Tale Motifs Cutter Set

\FMM Sugarcraft - Fairy Tale Motifis Cutter Set
  • Use this FMM Fairytale cutter set to create magical cakes, cupcakes and cookies. You can either use conventional. fondant or put your own twist on your magical characters. Perfect for kids or even big kids birthday cakes.
  • With this large Fairy tale tappit you can create magical cakes and bakes with a selection of familiar fairy tale characters on a handy tappit strip. The range includes a pretty princess dress, a castle, a wand and a horse. Colour them conventionally or add your own twist with different colours, you can also decorate the characters in edible paint or dust once completely dry. These characters are so versatile, you can then stick them to the side of your cake, on cupcakes or use them on top of a cake as a cake topper.
  • Made in the UK
  • Food Approved Plastic – BPA free
  • 40mm (H) x 30mm (W)
  • Full ‘how to’ instructions on the back of the packaging
  • The main image shows a selection of the motifs that can be created with this one cutter
  • Always use a good quality modelling paste rolled thinly and allowed to dry for a few minutes for best results, if using Sugar paste add a little Tylo or CMC to strengthen the paste and speed up drying.

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                                          FMM Sugarcraft - Fairy Tale Motifis Cutter Set