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Finnabair Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints - Metallic

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Finnabair Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints - Metallique

Most of the colours are here :-) 
The ones that are on the way are on Pre-Order.
Order yours now! If ordering with other items, the entire shipment will be delayed till the pre-order arrives. Alternatively, you can create two separate orders. Please note due to the Corona virus outbreak items are taking longer to reach us. We thank you for your understanding and patience.
Each colour is sold separately.
To view or purchase each colour please use the scroll down menu above.
  • The Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint is simply stunning. The Metallic series has such amazingly beautiful metallic colours, you will not believe that they did not come straight from nature.
  • This water-based paint is oh so creamy and fluid and extremely rich and vibrant in colour. The shimmer and shine from the metallic colour is unlike any other. The beauty of this paint does not stop there, no way. This paint is also permanent once dry, non-toxic, archival safe and super easy to apply.
  • This paint is designed by Finnabair just for Prima so go ahead and indulge yourself and give your art and mixed media projects some of the shimmer and shine they deserve.

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  •  Water-based metallic acrylic paint
  •  28 colours available
  • Permanent once dry
  • Super creamy and fluid
  • Rich vibrant colours
  • High shimmer and shine
  • Non-toxic
  • Archival safe
  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect on a multitude of surfaces
  • Great for artistic and decorative uses
  • Designed by Finnabair
  • Made in Hungry

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    In this Prima Quick Look VIDEO we take a quick look at the new Finnabair Art Alchemy Paints, Metallique and Opal Magic. Great quality water-based metallic acrylic paint, rich in colour and permanent after drying. Great for artistic and decorative use.