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Fabriano - Acrylic Pads


Fabriano - Acrylic Pads

Each pad is sold separately.
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  • Machine made paper with prime quality cellulose.
  • Guaranteed inalterabiltiy over time.
  • Ideal for acrylic, recommended for oil and tempera.
  • The Fabriano Pittura Acrylic Paper is especially suitable for acrylic and oil painting but can also be used for tempera.
  • It weighs 400gsm and is made from high-quality cellulose.
  • Fabriano Pittura Acrylic Paper is brilliant white with a rough natural-grained surface.
  • The paper is surface and internally sized, acid-free and offers archival permanence.
  • Fabriano Pittura Acrylic Paper blocks contain 10 sheets and are bound on all 4 sides. 
  • Available in A3, A4 and A5 sizes.

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