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Faber-Castell - Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencil - Set + Accessories


Faber-Castell - Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencil - Set + Accessories

 Faber-Castell - Albrecht Dürer Magnus Watercolour Pencil - Wooden Case of 30

  • The Albrecht Dürer artists’ watercolour pencil has been prized for many years by creative minds all over the world for its exceptional properties. Now it has a big brother: The Albrecht Dürer Magnus has a 5.3 mm lead and a very soft and vibrant colour laydown.
  • It is ideal for large-scale drawing and covering large areas quickly. The voluminous pencil shape is gentle on the wrist. Even after long periods of use, the Albrecht Dürer Magnus enables fatigue-free painting and drawing. A drawing tool that lives up to its name.
  • Comes in a solid wooden case


  • 48 Watercolour pencils
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 drawing pencil castell 9000 HB
  • 1 double sharpener
  • 1 watercolour brush

Colours Include:

White, Cream, Light yellow glaze, Light cadmium yellow, Cadmium yellow, Dark chrome yellow, Cadmium orange, Dark cadmium orange, Light gernium lake, Scarlet red tief, Middle cadmium red, Permanent carmine, Deep red, Madder, Magenta, Rose carmine, Middle purple pink, Pink madder lake, Purple violet, Mauve, Dark indigo, Helioblue-reddish, Ultramarine, Light ultramarine, Phthalo blue, Bluish turquoise, Cobalt turquoise, Cobalt green, Dark phthalo green, Emerald green, Light green, Leaf greeb, Juniper green, Olive green yellowish, Earth green yellowish, Chromium green opaque, Medium flesh, Pompeian red, Venetian red, Burnt ochre, Dark Naples ochre, Raw umber, Burnt siena, Walnut brown, Warm grey V, Warm grey I, Cold grey IV and Black