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Drawing Type: An Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms


Drawing Type: An Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms

  • Part inspiration and part workbook, these hand-drawn type of images will inspire and excite any designer to draw and explore type.
  • Drawing Type features real-world projects and sketchbooks of well-known type designers, including interviews about their processes.
  • Playful, hand-drawn type can easily be used in a range of disciplines within design and illustration such as packaging, editorial, posters, advertising, online graphics, and signage; the hand-made aesthetic is more prevalent now than ever.

  • Alex Fowkes will help you to create custom lettering and typographic layouts. Alex encourages you to start drawing all kinds of typography, including serifs, sans serifs, and scripts.
  • He provides ample examples of typefaces to draw inspiration from so you can become confident enough to draw your own.
  • Drawing Type is perfect for learning and developing your skills at home or in a classroom--an invaluable resource that you can refer to again and again!

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