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Dove Blender Pen


Dove Blender Pen

The Dove Blender Pen is a Revolutionary New Blending Medium, specially formulated to make "floating " or blending colour easier.
  • It will enable one to blend several hues together, giving one more variation with their mediums.
  • The Dove Blender will allow one to achieve more variation without using many colours.
  • The Dove Blender works with all water based markers, watercolour pencils, watercolour paints, chalks, embossing powders, dye pads, and pigment pads. The blender never has to be replaced, it is easily refillable and the nibs are replaceable.
  • But most important the Dove Blending Fluid will make your work Permanent when it is allowed to dry.
  • Refill and Replacement nibs available
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    Dove Blender Pen

      To Refill your Dove Blender   

      • Pull off the end cap on the Blender Pen and add a few drops to re-moisten the insert
      • The First time you remove the cap, it is a little harder, so you mite want to use pliers
      • If your Nibs are fray from using the pen so much, then pull out the old nib and put in a new one.
      • Now your Blender is like new again.
      • Some of our customers refill the pen from the nib hole, before they put a new one in.

      Remember all you need is a few drops

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