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Dotty Designs - Set Special 4


Dotty Designs - Set Special 4


For those who like convenience, the Dotty Design Hobbydots sets are a must have. Each set contains enough material to make 3 beautiful Hobbydots cards for a birthday or for that special someone who deserves a heart under the belt. Very handy are the printed cards with pattern so that you do not need a light box, the lancing device to pick up the Hobbydots and the matching card board that makes the three cards quickly made. Also very fun to do with children.

The set contains:

  • 4x Hobbydots sticker:
  • 006 Mirror Salmon,
  • 016 Mirror Apple,
  • 018 Mirror Purple,
  • 019 Mirror Violet
  • 3x Cardstock 46, 17, 10
  • Push Out Sheet: SB10219
  • 3x Layered Cards
  • 3x Envelope
  • Piercing Tool
  • Foampad