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Derwent - Shade and Tone Mixed Media Set


Derwent - Shade and Tone Mixed Media SetDerwent - Shade and Tone Mixed Media Set

  • A curated, natural and monochrome mixed media collection, perfect for creating landscape, portrait and tonal studies.
  • Everything you need to experiment with shade and tone using Derwent’s brand new and uniquely formulated palette.
  • Includes seven Inktense, two Graphitint, two Tinted Charcoal and one Pastel colour, resulting in a muted range of 12 pans.
  • A Derwent Drawing, Onyx and Graphic B pencil are included for expressive sketching and form drawing.
  • This compact set also includes a mini waterbrush, five mixing palettes and a sponge to clean your waterbrush.
  • Inktense - vibrant colours creates an intense ink-like colour , which remains fixed once dried.
  • Graphitint - unique blend of graphite with colour for dramatic tonal work.
  • Tinted Charcoal - water-soluble, unique blend of charcoal with hints of colour.
  • Onyx pencil ideal for really dark tones and expressive sketching, Terracotta Drawing pencil for expressive sketching and adding definition to sepia tone paints - Graphic B pencil for building up gradual tones, shading techniques and sketching.
  • Pastel - gouache-style pigmented paint in soft and playful pastel shades.
  • Onyx and Terracotta pencils can be use over the paints to create shading and dramatic tones and the white paint can be used for highlights on tonal sketches.
  • Portable - Ideal for travel and outdoor use with everything needed to paint on the go.
  • Set contains 7 Inktense paint pans, 2 Graphitint paint pans, 2 Tinted Charcoal paint pans, 1 Pastel Shades paint pan, 1 Terracotta Drawing pencil, 1 Dark Onyx pencil, 1 B Graphic pencil , with a mini waterbrush, sponge and 5 mixing palettes.
  • Colour Palette: Black, White, Storm Grey, Graphite Grey, Sepia Ink, Burnt Earth, Burnt, Embers, Autumn Brown, Sepia, Venetian Red, Sanguine and Mars Orange.

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Derwent - Shade and Tone Mixed Media Set