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Derivan Kindy Glitz Glitter Glue


Derivan Kindy Glitz Glitter Glue

Each colour is sold separately.
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Derivan Kindy Glitz Glitter Glue
  • Derivan Kindyglitz is an acid free, archival quality, glitter glue great for adding a little glamour to your papercraft, cardmaking and scrapbooking projects.
  • It can be applied to all card and paper surfaces, drying to a relatively flat finish.
  • Derivan Kindyglitz is safe for children to use.
  • Available in 36ml & 135ml* Bottles.


  • Derivan Kindyglitz has been formulated as a safe, non-toxic paint to be used straight from the nozzle applicator or brushed out over your creation.


  • All the colours may be intermixed to form other interesting glitter colours. It is possible to apply the glitters over black or dark coloured backgrounds for greater contrasts.
  • To make Kindyglitz washproof, apply Derivan Polymer Gloss Varnish over the dried work.


  • Wash all utensils, brushes and hands with soap and water to clean up.


  • Derivan Kindyglitz is easily removed from clothing. However, old clothing should be worn as some fabrics may stain. DO NOT USE HOT WATER. Derivan Kindyglitz is formulated so that it will swell up and release when submerged in soapy water. Other methods of cleaning will generally only act to drive the stain in deeper. Do not boil, dry-clean or use chemical solvents or thinners. Do not iron over a stain. Do not machine wash. Keep stained garments separate from other washing.


  • Derivan Kindyglitz is a non-toxic water-based paint containing water, acrylic and glitter. Although it is certainly not made to be ingested, it is safe for use with young children. Avoid contact with eyes as the glitters may act as an abrasive, causing irritation.

Derivan Kindy Glitz Glitter Glue

Derivan Kindy Glitz Glitter Glue