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DecoArt Americana Gloss Enamels Paints - 6 pack


DecoArt Americana Gloss Enamels Paints - 6 pack

  • The versatile new gloss paint is perfect for painting glassware, wood, hard plastics and a variety of other surfaces.
  • Decorate ordinary glass items, flea market finds and more for your home. Embellish or personalise glass, ceramic and wood ornaments for holiday gift giving.
  • Painted glassware may be baked for increased durability. Goes equally well on porous surfaces-no sealer required.
  • Colours match our regular Americana Acrylics with the same name.
  • This pack includes the following trend colours: Primary Yellow, Citron Green, Bright Orange, Calypso Blue, Lavender and Razzle Berry.

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