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Darkroom Door - Crackle Stencil


Darkroom Door - Crackle Stencil

Darkroom Door Crackle Stencil

Create backgrounds, layers, textures and patterns with Darkroom Door Small Stencils! 

• Use with inks, paints, texture pastes and other mediums.
• Trace and outline with markers and pens.
• Spray through the stencil using an ink spray.
• Sponge over the stencil with paint or ink.
• Scrape texture paste and other mediums through the stencil to create raised textured effects.
• Mix and match stencil designs to create layers in your projects.
• Suitable for art journals, card making, scrapbooking, mixed media and more!
Darkroom Door Crackle Stencil

2 Sizes:
  • 114mm x 152mm (4.5” x 6").
  • 228mm x 304mm (9” x 12").

Designed by Rachel Greig.