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Craft Consortium - Old Europe - Decoupage Paper Set


Craft Consortium - Old Europe - Decoupage Paper Set 

  • Craft Consortium are delighted to bring you these beautiful and elegant decoupage papers.
  • Each set contains 3 sheets, each sheet measuring 35 x 40 cm. Which will enable you to cover a large surface area.
  • These durable decoupage papers are ideal for covering a variety of surfaces and objects, including wood, ceramics, plastic, glass, terracotta, MDF, canvases and paper mache shapes.
  • Embellish your treasured items and furniture, or bring new life into old trinkets with these premium lightweight decoupage papers.


  • Includes: 3 Sheets

  • Each sheet 35 x 40 cm  
  • 23 gsm

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