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Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils 12 Pieces Sets - 2 variants to choose from


Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils 12 Pieces Sets - 2 variants to choose from

Each colour set is sold separately
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  • Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils 12 pieces Sets.
  • These artist quality pencils have soft leads for seamless blending and shading luxurious matte black casings and high pigmentation for vibrant Colouring.
  • Waterproof and designed to work with alcohol markers for added dimension!
  • ColourBlend is a new range of blendable pencils for coloring, sketching and illustration.  Each pencil is fully loaded with premium, artist’s grade wax-based pigment. The result is a rich, velvety colour laydown with unrivalled blendability.
  • As with all Spectrum Noir products, ColourBlend pencils deliver affordable, premium quality colour for art, craft and design.
  • Each pencil is encased in premium, matte coated, Californian cedar wood and contains a rich, vibrant pigment for a smooth, highly saturated colour laydown with a superior light fastness.
  • ColourBlend pencils can be used alone for traditional sketching and illustration or for adding depth and definition to marker and mixed media work.   Their high-grade pigments provide for a huge variation in tone and intensity from each colour.  Simply layer to add depth, or create smooth, seamless transitions by overlaying related tones.
  • All of the pencil sets have been designed to come in groups of three colour families, just like the Spectrum Noir alcohol markers – a light, a medium and a dark. This has been done specifically to enable the user to perfect light and shade techniques in their colour work. The pigment in these wax-based blendable pencils is thick and rich, cased in comfortable luxe matte black hardwood. The unique formulation allows for intense and soft colour from the same pencil.

 They have a soft lead for seamless blending and shading techniques:

  • They have a unique formulation that allows for both intense and soft colour from the same pencil
  • They have a high pigmentation and vibrancy of colour
  • They work with Spectrum Noir markers to add an extra layer of dimension and make artwork pop
  • Use with the various accessories or just layer colours for a wide range of results
  • They are waterproof

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