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Rainbow Modelling Clay


Rainbow Modelling Clay

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Only the very best non-toxic raw materials, together with a time-tested formula, are used in the production of this fine quality, traditional modelling clay which has been made in Australia since 1941. Rainbow Modelling Clay is manufactured from odour-less and harmless materials to produce a non-toxic Plasticine -like modelling media that remains re-usable, always pliable, easily worked, does not dry on exposure to air and will not stick to or stain the hands.

  • Modelling clay cannot be hardened by firing in an oven or kiln and will only melt when exposed to temperatures greater than 65 C.
  • Modelling clay is popular with children and used extensively for teaching art in schools.
  • It is also used as a modelling medium for more formal or permanent structures and has found a wide variety of other industrial and commercial uses as a casting or moulding material for plaster, plastics and fibreglass.
  • Modelling clay is the preferred material used for the stop motion animation technique popularly known as clay animation or claymation". It is appealing to animators because it is easily moulded to create a character yet flexible enough to allow that character's action to be altered and dense enough to retain its shape especially when combined with a wire armature plus it does not melt under hot studio lighting.
  • Rainbow Modelling Clay features the widest range of colours available in Australia all of which are available in clear shrink-wrapped and barcoded blocks of 500g.