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Prima Marketing - Finnabair Art Basics - 3D Gloss Gel Brilliant 8oz


Prima Marketing - Art Basics - 3D Gloss Gel Brilliant 8oz

Create dimensional texture on your next project with Art Basics Transparent 3D Gloss Gel from Prima Marketing! 3D Gloss Gel with a briilant finish; perfect for 3D collages, as an embellishment adhesive, or as a base for thick custom gels and paints.

Apply the transparent, flexible, and permanent 3D Gloss Gel with a palette knife or texture tool and add that perfect textural touch to your artwork using this Transparent 3D Gloss Gel

    • 3D Gel adds texture and dimension on any working surface, holds the stroke: works great with texture tools, palette knives and stencils.
    • It is a good clear dimensional adhesive for collage techniques including 3D objects such as embellishments, found objects and ephemera.
    • 3D Gel acts as a resist: you can create interesting, effects in combination with water based sprays, inks and paints.
    • Thanks to not too heavy consistence it is a perfect base for creating custom-made gels and pastes. Works great with glitters, flakes, beads and any other grained substance.
    • It is great for mixing with colored mediums: pigments, inks, watercolor paints, acrylic paints. It doesn't change the intensity of the color of the paints – it changes into customized colored gel instead.
    • 3D Gel adds body and transparency to water based paints providing a range of interesting effects for your projects

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