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Universal Crafts Glitter Tool Kit


Universal Crafts Glitter Tool Kit

The glitter tool kit contains 1 x blue funnel tidy tray with two removable dividers, 1 x clean-up roller and 1 x clean-up brush. 

Tray dimensions are 14.92cm x 2.54cm x 20.95cm (5.875in x 1in x 8.25in). Funnel opening is approximately 1.2cm. Ideal for containing glitter, sand, embossing powder, pearl and mica powders and microbeads. Great to use when working with multiple colours/designs, and for sorting beads, sequins, diamond dot facets, jewellery, charms and other small embellishment

The clean-up roller allows for fast and easy clean-up of glitter, sequins, pearl and mica powders, sand, microbeads and other small items from hard surfaces. Length when unfolded is approximately 16cm, sticky surface of roller head is approximately 7.5cm. The roller folds for easy and compact storage. To clean, and to refresh the stickiness of the roller, rinse in water and allow to dry.

The clean-up brush is approximately 14 cm long, with flexible synthetic bristles (head of brush approximately 3.5cm wide) for easy clean-up and saving of unused powder/glitter/sand/sequins etc.

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