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Copic Markers CIAO - Cool Grey [C] Collection


Copic Markers CIAO  - Cool Grey [C] Collection

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Copic Markers CIAO  - Cool Grey [G]
  • Round shaped barrel
  • Available in 180 colours
  • Permanent, non-toxic, alcohol based ink
  • Refillable – One bottle of Copic Various Ink will refill a Ciao Marker up to 15 times
  • Includes a Medium Broad Chisel Nib and a Super Brush Nib
  • 2 nib options available
  • Child-safe caps featuring small air holes
  • Available in sets
  • View all our single CIAO marker collections 
  • Provides the same great quality and experience as Sketch, at a lower price point
  • There are many other Copic Marker options and accessories

Copic Markers CIAO  - Cool Grey [G]